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Parenting Strategies: A Video Guide

Dr. Richard Weissbourd from the Making Caring Common Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a partner on RFK Bullying Prevention, walks parents through five easy steps to help prevent bullying by encouraging respect, caring, and kindness.





The values parents wish to instill in their children should be priorities in their parenting as well. Try encouraging your children to be caring, kind, and respectful first, rather than making their self-esteem or achievements the most important priorities.






Tip 1:

Kindness can be emphasized in many day-to-day ways. Reminding your children to be respectful to your friends, their friends, or even asking them to write thank you cards are all great ways to build their capacity for respect, care, and kindness.





Tip 2:

Expanding your child’s circle of concern can be a crucial step in developing their capacity for caring. While most children have empathy for their family members and close friends, they are often unaware of how they interact with other members in their community. Encourage your child to treat people that might have previously been invisible to them with kindness and empathy as well.



Tip 3:

As a parent, it is important that you model the behavior you’d like your children to display. Have you been focused on the larger circle of concern or are you only concerned with your child? Your child will likely pick up on your good habits, simply because you are someone they look up to and respect. This is also a good time to ask yourself what your kids think of you. If they don’t respect you, ask yourself why and think about what you can do to repair that relationship.





Tip 4:

It’s important to get feedback from your peers about your parenting. Sometimes an outside perspective can alert you to any damaging or hurtful parenting behavior that you might not have noticed before.